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Walking Dead

The season finale was so anti-climatic to me. The fight at the prison was kind of boring. I get why the rest of the Gov's group took off. They aren't soldiers. They don't wanna die to some crazy war that really isn't a war, but their leader's sick twisted need for control. Then the gov retreats and goes after his group? You'd think he'd carry on tormenting the prison... I mean he is untouchable even if he is outnumbered and outgunned. No instead he goes and guns down his group like a psycho and his BFFs stand there scared and don't do anything. Is he THAT untouchable? TWO against one and it's obvious they weren't happy about the arrangement.

I like how Rick's turned his perspective around on leadership and taking in new people. Sometimes, it can't hurt. And it makes him the lesser asshole in the equation. However, Carl is starting to get freakish. Another Governor in training?

WHERE THE FUCK IS THE GOVERNOR? they should have wrapped that up instead of leaving it open. I AM SO DONE WITH HIM! MOVE ON TO A NEW THREAT!

I was very sad to see Milton go. I was hoping he'd pull through and be the one to ice the governor. I hated Andrea for a while. Most of the show actually but in the end she started to grow on me and I was REALLY pullin for her. Then she had to go get bit by zombie Milton. I think she went out bravely though. She got closure with Michonne and all her friends.

I hope they bring something new to the table in season 4.

Daryl needs a girlfriend.
Carl needs to get grounded

I wanna see Carol kill the Governor. :P
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