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It's been a while

I am sorry I haven't posted in such a long time. Finding the time for it has been a problem. That and all I have to offer is how miserable I am at my job. Today is suppsoed to be my day off but I have to work cuz sandy has a funeral to go to. Understandable as it is, I am not mad at sandy. I am mad at Vic for Not hiring another person to help with the last minute shift covering. I am getting worn out of it all. I took an extra 2 days off work to go go to Anime Detour. Vic asks me 2 weeks ahead if I can close Friday. I say yes. Then one week later it turns into Friday AND Saturday. Then the week of I find out I have to close Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun, and Mon. I am seething. So finally today now I have to go work. I get tomorrow off. I am looking for a new job. Also Getting my IL Drivers License since I just received my Birth Certificate. Then I am off to sign up for school, apply for aid, Take my test and get going on that. I gave up on the nursing Idea. Gonna go Administrative Office Assistant.

Things are just fine and well with me normally. Just work wears me down cuz it sucks so hard. I am sure you all don't wanna hear me whine about it all the time. So. That will explain my absences. <3
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