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Just leave them be!

I see a million posts a day on the Connecticut shootings and subsequently gun arguments on Facebook. I haven't posted anything or really got into any part of the arguments on any of it at all. I haven't turned on any of the reporting on the news. I see it come on, I change the channel. I see a post on FB about it I keep scrolling.

Facebook is so petty and meaningless. I love to use it to keep in touch with friends and share pictures and videos of my munchkin. However, when theres people arguing over a comment made by someone and when I say "Why not inbox this crap, it is rude and inappropriate To be airing more of it publicly" I get told that "This is what Facebook is for" So pettiness, racism, political agendas, and shaming is what Facebook is all about. So when I see these very same people (who claim FB is all about the bullshit) post things like "RIP all the children and the teachers who died protecting them" or "Prayers sent to the families and friends involved in the shootings" I want to go slap the crap out of them. I want to comment "I thought FB was for meaningless shit?" And to that I think, Wait it is meaningless. Them saying that at all is meaningless. What is a post of your so called prayers going to do for people who probably won't see your post at all? Watching the news, posting on Facebook, talking about it with all your friends is not going to make it any better. It isn't doing anything. It isn't solving the problem.

I am not insensitive. I am in fact feeling alot of things over the whole thing. I just know that I would be so overwhelmed with grief over losing my child that all these people calling, mailing, leaving crap at my doorstep would just overwhelm me more so.

Lets just leave them all alone. Let them grieve. Don't give the shooter anymore attention than he already has. Noteriety is exactly what most of these dipshits do these unspeakable things for. Why give them what they want?

Only reason I haven't deleted my Facebook is because all the pics of Kaylee that are on there. Otherwise I think I would have deleted it at the start of this whole fiasco.

All in all it is VERY tragic and upsetting that that whole ordeal even happened. Yes, my heart is with them all. I am just not going to carry on and on about it, nor watch any of the media shit on tv. I am not going to watch them interview the poor kids that had to witness the shootings happen. That is how I am showing my respect for the the families and the victims.

This will be the final post on the matter from me. I just had to vent out my frustration about all the hype it has caused.
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