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Family gatherings are not my style.

Yesterday was one of the worst days of my life. Can't even begin to describe how stupid it was. Drive thru registers are down so they had to use the front counter ones and it was a major mess and no one knew what they were doing and no one was communicating with each other. I am glad it's over, but I don't want to go back tomorrow. It's Black Friday, going to be insane and if that problem isn't fixed.... I may just lose my cool.

Today is Thanksgiving. It means happy lets all of us get pissed off at each other, eat some food and pray everyone goes home soon, but play on our phones while sitting silently in a room together.

Or I could go to my Uncles house and sit awkwardly while people I don't know well sit around me and talk about politics and listen to my horse obsessed cousin talk about.... horses. It's uncomfortable and awkward wither way. I am really not a holiday person.

Theres Cool Whip in the fridge tempting me. I got a slice of Pumpkin Pie the other day so I bought Cool Whip for it. I could eat that stuff by the giant spoonful. Horrible I know. I put a tablespoon worth on it (I was so proud of myself). I am so going to make some hot cocoa later and put some in there.

HA Angel peed all over Ray's clothes! NICE HAHAHAHA Too bad it stinks. But still way funny.
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