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Yeah so instead of my usual I hate my job posts and blah blah life is boring my butt hurts... I will just say this... I watched "The Black Dahlia" last night and While it was OK I was also very very bored. It's an UNSOLVED murder case. UNSOLVED means that we do not yet know who did it. So why the hell is it SOLVED in the movie? Entertainment Value? A feeling of meaning for having actually sat and watched the whole thing? for Christs sake the ZODIAC is UNSOLVED and it was made into a movie based on the book and the movie followed along mostly with the facts and that it is an unsolved case and did not try to liven it up and go on to say it was Solved. FUCK that. I don't care if the detective guy reported it or not in the movie. If you're going to make a movie about a TRUE LIFE MURDER MYSTERY then GO WITH THE FUCKING FACTS!!!! Man I hate Hollywood sometimes.

The person who murdered Elizabeth Short must be like 7-80 by now.... or Dead. daaammnnnnn
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