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Just a ramble

Man I had a migraine that started around 1:00 pm. It reached it's max around 5:30pm and it is now starting to fade. I am so tired of this, My periods are worse then they were before I got this IUD in. I need to get it removed. SOMEONE TAKE THIS THING OUT OF ME! For crying out loud. No one seems to want to remove it. I'm calling Planned Parenthood tomorrow. Fed up with this.

I am looking into starting my healthy diet soon. I am going to start off by cutting out ALL soda. It is going to be VERY hard, but I know I can pull it off. I bought some of that Strawberry Banana flavored "Naked" smoothie. Trying different things that are healthier than plain juice. Technically I can't have apple juice or any other fruit juice. I can have Cranberry Juice though. I am eventually going on an IBS diet. It's healthy and keeps my butt happy. I will have Kaylee on a decent diet also. Well She can eat like normal kids, but No McD's every night like some folks do. :P

I have been getting better acquainted with my Tarot Cards again. I'd like to get into doing readings. But I am having to re-learn my deck. I am starting to get back into the spiritual side of things. I like to do things in my own way rather than follow a ordained path :P

Also I am reading "Sacre Bleu" by Christopher Moore. I like it, just not getting the humor. I am not into Art really and alot of this book's humor revolves around art and such.
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