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Crazy douche nozzles.

I don't know how much more of that job I can handle. I am just flabbergasted at a customer I had today. I am taking orders on front counter. So I take an order and go get their food and drinks to hand out to them. That way everyone isn't sitting there waiting all day for food while I am taking orders. This guy comes up to me and I really don't know what exactly he was angry about.

Guy: You will take my order now, and then I will sit down and you will bring it to me.

Me: Pardon me? (I have got the biggest look of What the fuck? on my face)

Guy: I SAID you will take my order now, and then I will sit down and you will bring it to me.

Me: (nods in understanding just trying to get through this without making him flip) Ok, sir What can we make for you today?

Guy: Are you deaf?

Me: uhm, no....

Guy: This isn't a pissing match you know?

Me: What?

Guy: Are you going to take my order or what?

Me: Yes, I am. Go ahead, I'm ready to go!

Guy: I am tired of the crap.

Me: Are you for real?


Me: I will go see if they are ready for lunch... one moment please....

Guy Stands there looking dumbfounded....

I approach the grill and my manager Craig.

Me: Craig! Theres a dude over there that is mad and I don't know why.

Craig: What? Whats going on?

Me: Seriously, the guy is a nut I don't know what the hell he is going on about but I think you should be the one to take his order cuz I think he is just going to flip out on me.

Craig: ok run for drive thru a minute.

While I am doing that I hear the guy yelling at Craig saying that I kept walking away from him and that he is in charge of all of us and should control us better and that he has a bad attitude. He yells that he wants our store managers phone number and to please let her know he will be calling. He leaves and sits down finally.

I am back on front counter now, and Craig gets the guys order on a tray.

Craig: Crystal, please please call this order out I really can't handle anymore of that guy.

Me: Craig, I love you man, but I don't think I can handle him either! He's gonna go weirdo on us cuz he wants us to take his food to his table like we are some kinda waitstaff who get tips for this kind of shit.

Craig: oh yeah I forgot about that... HEY LETS GET ANGIE TO DO IT!

Me: YES! Thats an awesome idea!

Craig leaves to get Angie. Comes back frowning.

Craig: She is such a bitch.


Guy stalks around the corner. he comes to the counter and looks like he is about to unleash all 7 of the heads with sharp teeth that reside in his rather large mouth. Grabs his tray... Mean mugs me and sits back down.....

5 minutes later Guy is back and he throws his tray on the counter and tosses the burger onto the floor and looks at me indignantly.

Me: REALLY? How old are we? My one year old does that crap.

I look over and see Angie. I call her over to speak with this food flinging crazy person.

He goes off on her for 15 minutes tells her that we all need to be fired. That she is obviously a crappy manager. Well I agreed with the crappy manager part, but still.

She refunds his meal and walks away without a word. He walks out.

I asked her later why the man was so angry. She looked at me like WHAT?

Angie: He never told you?

Me: No! I went to take his order and he went weird!

I explained the entire convo. Angie was shocked. She snapped out of it and told me what I could have done differently. Which wasn't far off from what I actually did... I didn't do anything wrong! The guy was mental.

ANYWAY The reason the guy was SOOOO angry was because he came through the drive thru at 10:15 am and we were still serving breakfast and would not serve him lunch. Lunch starts at 10:30. Not much earlier than that because ALL the lunch food that is getting prepared is being tested for safety reasons. So yeah that was it. By the time he got to me up at the counter it was lunch time and he lost a few crayons from his box.

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