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First day at school

I start classes today, and I don't have any of my books. It would be nice if TCC offered some kind of service that I could go get my books using my financial aid remnants from after tuition was taken out. I had to wait till checks got cut and then until the bookstore was actually open.

I need to go get my Washington State Driver's license. I need 45 bucks to do it. Gah. TCC is charging me non resident rates. If getting my WA license doesn't fix it looks like I am transferring all my shit to Pierce.

My reading selections have been mediocre lately. This last book, Tinkers by Paul Harding was boring and wordy It seriously was like, Lets jam pack this full of all these big words I just learned today.... I have a feeling "Alice I have Been" by Melanie Benjamin is not gonna be any better. I read the first few pages and it feels like the narrator is prattling on and on. I like books to have a plot. I like them to have a story that moves and DOES SOMETHING! ugh.
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