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I have had strange dreams. Thursday I had a dream that I was hanging out with Robert. Some girl came up to us and was totally hitting on him. He didn't look very enthused about this and actually looked extremely uncomfortable. The girl was discouraged at being rejected and turned to me and got angry. She said "This must be your boyfriend I am hitting on, well just so you know he's a prick." She stands there waiting for me to answer. I look at Robert who seemed to me smirking. All I say to the girl is "Well, he isn't my boyfriend, but I'd love to hear more." She stomped her feet and screamed "GIVE ME YOUR BOYFRIEND!" Robert's face has gone from smirking to total "WTF." I am trying to keep the WTF look from creeping onto my face as I tell the girl "HE IS NOT MY BOYFRIEND! AND IF HE WAS I CERTAINLY WON'T BE HANDING HIM OUT LIKE HE IS A PIECE OF CANDY!" Everything goes quiet and now Robert is looking at me all WTF. I throw my hands up and say "wtf" and sit down.

Last night I had a dream my mom was yelling at me to go to the livingroom someone is trying to break in. and whats weird is I actually wake up, go to the livingroom and look around. My mom wasn't even home. Also there was a guy outside my front door screaming "FUCK" into his phone which told him quite loudly that the number he is trying to reach has been disconnect and to please try the number and call again. I ended up calling the cops on him and the people in the apartment next to me because they were being hella loud.
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