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Paul and I went to Chicago over the weekend to Go to Anime Central. It was fun and I got to see lots of Nerds people dressed up as different anime, cartoon, or video game characters. There was a butt ton of people and I who is very People shy was very very overwhelmed. I did meet a few new people and got to hang out with people I already know. It was cool. I rather liked it. I felt it helped me break out of this shy, social anxiety thing I got going on. I was even able to go to the dealer room (Where all the booths where you can buy stuff are) All by myself and it's usually crowded in there. I found lots of neat stuff in the dealer room. I got A Kyo Plushie! and Number 5 in the Fruits Basket Manga. I am ecstatic. We, however did not find that Blue Mage we looked endlessly for. Was kind of sad :(

I only got a couple pictures. Like I said I was shy I managed to get one picture of one costume. Only cuz I thought of Heidi and I was determined to get a picture of something before I left. So heres the three pics I took over the weekend.

Bored in the hotelroom

Paul Drinkin in the hotel room

And Jack!
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