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I had a good day off today. Feels good to be able to sleep a little. The weekends are pretty rough for me since I have to work nights. They take advantage of the 2 am part of my availability of 3pm to 2am. I didn't think they'd actually schedule me that, but I guess they did. So I have to make adjustments. No longer able to work Sundays. If they gonna schedule me that late on Saturdays, they are gonna have to miss me on Sundays. I can't work on only 3 hours of sleep. I got some cleaning done and laundry put away. Got my munchkin and mom and I went to the mall for the dreaded bra shopping. I fucking hate it. Seems like in the 7th grade I woke up one morning and all the sudden there were these gigantic things on my chest. By the time I started High School I was a 36D. I was ALL boob. Stick thin figure with giant chest. I got a reduction when I was 18 and they came back. Except to 40D. Eventually to 42D and now after pregnancy I am up to 42DD. So I am standing at Sears, moms got Kaylee over in the baby section. I am looking at Bras (The Bali brand since they seem to be the only brand that has bras in my size) And theres this dude standing there. He seemed to be waiting for someone who was in the fitting room. It was awkward looking at bras with him standing there. He was staring at me the whole time. I was very uncomfortable. I didn't find a bra in my size. I found two at Pennys and they were on sale. 36 bucks for two bras that would have normally cost $50.

Now I got my little monkey to sleep and I am gonna go watch some stupid TV and read my book. Hello Jersey Shore. I love Pauly D. He cracks me up so hard.

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