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Sometimes I hate this state. People need jobs. So why not hire people to do the paperwork, CORRECTLY. Instead, I get a notice saying I was overpaid in Food Stamps, and TANF due to an administrative error the department made. Apparently they didn't file the paperwork that stated I returned to work in August of last year. So the whole time I was receiving more benefits than I should have been getting. All because of a paperwork error that THEY made. I guess this happens to alot of people and not just me. I think it's unfair. Sure, thats money lost to you, but *I* didn't make the error. I am going to fight it as much as I can. If anything I wanna abolish the cash (TANF) portion. Chad was supposed to pay that back anyway so if they overpaid me he should get the debt. (he isn't paying me a dime of child support so I do not feel bad about that) If I had been receiving child support from senor deadbeat I would not have had to get TANF in the first place. Now I have to adjust some financials and also push my dietary plan for Kaylee way ahead than I wanted. Food stamps covered her formula since I can't. It's hella expensive. So I am going to slowly get her on regular milk. She is almost 10 months old It's two months sooner that I was gonna start her in the first place.

I am also worried about school. Whats this going to do to my pell grant? I wonder if I can talk them into leaving it alone so I can go to school... get a better job so I can pay them. Shit, thats the reason why I am on State Aid is cuz I AM BROKE!!!!!

It's been pretty stressful for me. Trying not to drown in it. So far I think I am failing in that.
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