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I dreamed last night that I was at work at Mcdonald's like normal. I was presenting on Drive Thru for a bit. One of the managers, Vickie came by and took a subway cup away telling me I was bad for having that in there. Even though I protested that it wasn't mine and that was the first I seen it. Then a guy who apparently was a maintenance dude comes to relieve me so I can go to front counter. That guy was GORGEOUS and I wondered wtf is he doing working at McD's? Then I was on front counter and Jared Leto came in and asked for 100 cheese pizzas. I laughed a little and told him he was in the wrong place! He said that he knew that, and that he just went into Round Table Pizza and asked for 50 Big Macs so he figured to even it out by comin into McD's. I laughed again and asked him if there was anything else he wanted and he just smiled and said "Just a smile and I'll be good"

Totally random.

I had dreams the night before that were kind of weird and made me a little awkward. They were explicit dreams about a friend that I don't really think of that way. I don't know what to make of it.
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