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Working mornings is alot different than nights. I am definitely feeling the effects of it. I am very tired. I hope it all settles and I get used to getting up earlier. I have been feeling a bit on the grumpy side at work lately. I hate my job but even then I can be in a good mood. I just get frustrated at customers. I feel bad about it because it's the way they order things. I have to remember that customers don't know how our registers are set up and to tell us they want a large number four with no pickles no onions add mac sauce sub swiss cheese with a coke, instead of saying it after telling me the meal number and all that special on it. I have to void it and redo the whole thing and I forgot the special stuff by that point. Also, happy meals they don't understand we have 5 buttons. Hp-ham, hp-chz, hp-4pc, mm-6pc, mm-mcd. Saying happy meal for a boy is not gonna cut it. But Again they don't know that. I gotta stop getting annoyed at them. For that anyway. All the people that say "hold on a minute" after I greet them and sit for 3 minutes in their broken ass car making a ton of noise in my ear to decide they only want a large diet coke... YOU CAN GO TO HELL.
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