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Holiday Cheer

I have been finding myself willingly listening to the Christmas music radio station. And I sing to it. Lately the one other local radio station besides country that comes in is nothing but two idiots talking. So X-mas music it is. No matter how much you hate it, loathe it, makes you cry at the end of the day... you will find yourself singing along or at least humming. :P

Except for this one. This one makes me homicidal

OH! I played some Harvest Moon on my Wii (I can play Gamecube games on it too) And I was shocked to see after 3 years of playing it I finally made it to Chapter 4. two more chapters and each are 1 to two game years long. Probly will take me another year to get through. ugh.


I finished "The Outlaw Demon Wails" by Kim Harrison. AWESOME!
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