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Sleepy in Tacoma

Today was the big trip to Bellingham. Was stalked by Barry. Robert and I saw a car on the way up there that said "Barry Sucks" on the back of it and from then on the name Barry was EVERYWHERE! Then I saw the word Chuckanut as in Chuckanut Dr. and it was all over. Best word I saw all day! We met up with my Uncle Don who certainly looks different now than he did all those years ago that I last saw him. He showed us where the jail was and where my Uncle Ron's house was.

When I got to see my dad. As soon as I came around the corner he was smiling. He didn't want me there, but he was glad to see me and happy to finally see his grandaughter in the flesh. I almost cried. I didn't though, had to be strong for my dad. He was teary though. We talked about some things and he certainly feels relieved that I know where he is... Even if it is a bad place. He is confident he will be out in February or March and so am I, He didn't do what he is in jail for. I am going to do all I can to make sure he is as comfortable as he can possibly be in such a yucky place. Overall, I am so happy to have been able to see him.

I really miss Nam! lol Although, he spent time in Kent over the weekend for martial arts training and then with his bff Robert (I'm just gonna call him BFFR) today... We are gonna hang out tomorrow...but with BFFR too. Which I don't mind, but I hope we get some time later in the week for some alone time. Which I am gonna have to pry it out of him.... maybe. MW3 comes out tomorrow and he is going to the midnight release for it. I am ok, I am a gamer too. I just told him he better not completely ignore me for a game. I can handle some ignoring but ALOT... yeah.. come on. The game will be there later. I have games I wanna play too but I can't. It sucks.
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