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Twilight and other things

I was reading some of the paper today and Saw an article on "Twilight" coming out in theaters tomorrow. It talked about the casting being somewhat dissappointing. I Sorta agree with it. They coould have done ALOT better casting someof them. *nerd mode on* Edward has Bronze colored hair in the book. Tin the movie he has dark brown hair and is played by the same kid who played Cedric Diggory" in Harry Potter. I Am not saying he's a bad match... just need to get the look right. I know each character appears to people differently as they read the book. They will never be the people you imagine in the movie. I don't like the casting for Jasper. He doesn't look right at all. At least they got the hair color right lol. I will go to the movie bearing in mind that the cast in my head is still better. lol. I'll enjoy it nonetheless. Jacob Black is probably gonna be my biggest disappointment. lol.
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