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Bad moon rising

My uncle Ron randomly called my mom. He sounded serious. I am a Cameron so I know how we are. We are terrible at keeping in touch, so when we finally do it's usually out of guilt or something bad happened. My dad has been in jail since August 20. It's all very stupid. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time and the dumb cow he was with screamed burglary and rape. He is being held on charges of First Degree Burglary and Attempted Rape in the first degree. I know my father, and he would never do any of that. Someone is lying. Robert is going to be so kind and drive Kaylee and I up there to Bellingham on Sunday. I need to see my father. He needs to know he has my support. Also, even if it's a crappy setting he needs to see his Grandaughter. He hasn't even met her yet.

Today was going to be a day out, but Nam cancelled cuz he is still in Kent. It's ok, I'll see him on Tuesday. I am gonna try to get Kaylee down for a nap and take one myself.
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