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Put a Smile on your Face

I am in a good mood today. I woke up sooo happy. Been a long time since that happened. Despite the little drama yesterday with Ray. His dog was bitten by another pitbull and the wound looked gnarly, all it needed was some antibiotic cream and to be kept clean. He destroyed my bathroom and the whole place stunk so damn bad. I feel like poop today. I am hella sick. I have been in the bathroom all morning. I think it's subsiding now though. I am going in to work anyway. Smile on my face and all. I am waiting for my grandma to get here. I hope I am not late for work. I have to bring Nam his stuff that he left at my house yesterday.

OH! I just ordered The Walking Dead Book One Which is a compilation of the first 12 comics. Also Got Serenity Vol. 2! I am so excited!

Well! Theres Grandma I better get off here and go get my stuff and skidaddle!
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