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My birthday.

So Today is my birthday. I work 2:30 to 10 and my daughter is very fussy. I finally have a quiet moment to myself which I am using to type this. I hope she stays asleep a little while longer. I have been using my new E-reader alot lately.. It's a Kobo. I want the touch screen, but I got the regular one. Which is cool. It serves its purpose. To let me read books digitally. I am currently working on "The Clockwise man" by Justin Richards (Doctor Who, 9th Doctor) and Dead as a Doornail by Charlaine Harris. The Doctor Who book is poorly written. The guy must have missed out on the whole season of the 9th Doctor's reign lol. The Doctor and Rose do not seem themselves in this book. I am not sure I like that, It also feels like the writer tried too hard. He spent alot of the time writing the doctor to be whining about his missing coat.

The Sookie Stackhouse novel.... Man. Why do I keep reading these? I am not impressed, but I keep reading anyway. I do not like Sookie. I think she gets pissed off at people for dumb things. She is also starting to feel like she is a "Mary Sue"

Next up is Game of Thrones. I need to read my WoT book I got, but I am afraid that will take me some time to get through and I need to read 16 books by the end of this year.
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