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Strange day

I was able to go out and run some errands today. Got some bottles for Kaylee, new pacifiers, diapers, Baby Aquaphor, and some formula. I also got money out for rent. I owe another 100. Gonna go to the atm to get it later. It is nice to have a day off. I still feel a little bit anxious from all the stress recently. The only reason I don't yell back or say much of anything is because I feel that if I sunk to their level I would be just as bad as them. In fact, I am reading articles of what to do should I have to leave and try for unemployment. Fighting back with hostility is the last thing I need to do. All in all I am doin the looking for a new job thing. I just put in an application at Loves (Gas Station) and FedEx/Kinkos. I will do two more tomorrow.

Talked to Heidi a bit today Was nice to chat with her. We are gonna go out and about soon.

Also, I am getting my haircut REAL SOON! THANK GOD! I like my hair long, but It's too much of a pain to deal with right now. Kaylee gets handfuls of it and tries to eat it. I hate having it pulled back all the time.

Not much else!

Back to reading the Belgariad! I got sidetracked reading "The Big Over Easy" by Jasper Fforde
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