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Trying to take the stress out

I am not going to sit and bitch about my job each time I post. It is so hard not to, but it's the same thing over and over and frankly repeating myself is getting old even to me. SO! What I will say is they have unleashed the beast. I am at that point where I am going to start bitching people out when they think they can treat me like a peice of garbage. On to new things, I filled out a job application for Loves (gas station) I know it is another dinky little nowhere job, but hopefully it is nothing like Mcdonalds. I just found an article called "Top Ten Signs you are being bullied at work" And like 4 of them applied to me. I just hope everything starts settling down soon.

I am going to be going out and running some errands tomorrow. Also, might stop and visit my uncle since it is his birthday tomorrow.

I work 12-7:45 on Monday but will probly have to call in. No one can or will babysit. So I am stuck. I can use the extra time to find a new job anyway :P

So happy I am home tonight.
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