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I just got a call not too long ago from a coworker of mine asking me to come in early to work because they are sick. I feel awful because I told them I can't come in either because I am sick too. I had to call my boss Vic who I don't think understands the world of sick. I can't go into work the way I am right now. This Cold is flooring me. I can't stop cooughing and my chest burns with each cough. my nose is drippy and my throat hurts. I am godawful tired no matter how well or bad I slept. The life is literally drained right out of me. Why don't I go to work today? Well This thing passes on. I got it from Paul. I am not spreading this to anyone else if I don't have to.

Nyquil has no effect on me. I think I am immune. Which sucks. Dayquill just makes me floaty. It's weird.

SO After all that sick talk I leave with Tears for Fears Head Over Heels! The literal version! (it's quite silly you should watch it)

Thank you desidono For Posting this in your LJ! I had to pass it on! :D
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